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Kirito is the main protagonist of the Sword Art Online light novel, anime and Manga series. His name, Kirito, was taken from his real name Kazuto Kirigaya. Kiri-- from Kirigaya and ----to from Kazuto. He was chosen as one of the 1,000 beta testers for the Closed Beta of «Sword Art Online», the first ever VRMMORPG for the NerveGear Kirito (Real name Kirigaya Kazuto ) is the main protagonist of the anime series Sword Art Online. Born October 7, 2008, Kazuto's mother and father tragically died in a car crash leaving him getting adopted by his uncle and aunt

Kirito (キリト, Kirito) ist einer der Protagonisten der Sword Art Online Light Novel und der Animeserie. Sein Nickname ist für sämtliche VRMMORPGS Kirito. Er kreierte ihn aus seinem realen Namen Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷 和人, Kirigaya Kazuto). Kiri- von Kirigaya und -to von Kazuto. Er war einer der 1000 Closed-Beta-Tester für Sword Art Online, das erste VRMMORPG für das. Kirito is the character name of a Japanese teenager named Kazuto Kirigaya (キリト / 桐ヶ谷和人(きりがや かずと)) who is create by Reiki Kawahara. In the virtual reality MMORPG Sword Art Online , players use a VR headset called the NerveGear that transplants the player's mind entirely into the game Honestly at this point I've just forgotten that kazuto's real name isn't kirito. level 1. 3 points · 1 hour ago. It makes sense for Asuna as they got to know each other under this name but true these two know each other for a longer time. level 1. 3 points · 26 minutes ago Kirito - ein ausgesprochen seltener Name! Zumindest in Deutschland wird der Name Kirito nur sehr selten vergeben. Tatsächlich finden sich in den deutschen Standesämtern pro Jahr höchstens eine Handvoll Einträge mit diesem Namen. Nicht einmal einer von 100.000 Jungen wird Kirito genannt He is also one of the very few people to have had the privilege to play in the beta testing period of Sword Art Online. His game alias, Kirito, is created by taking the syllables of the first and last Kanji of his real last and first names respectively: (Kirigaya Kazuto). In the real world, he lives with his aunt and younger cousin in a family.

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Fun Facts about the name Kirito. How unique is the name Kirito? Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Kirito was not present. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. Weird things about the name Kirito: The name spelled backwards is Otirik Asuna (real name Asuna Yuuki) is the main female protagonist of the anime and light novel series, Sword Art Online. She is the second in command of the Knights of the Blood Oath, the strongest guild in Aincrad. She is also the adoptive mother of Yui and is the main love interest of Kirito. - 1 Background 2 Season One 2.1 Sword Art Online 2.2 ALfheim Online 3 Season Two 3.1 Gun Gale Online 3.2.

The Black Swordsman. Character Name: Kirito (online name), Kiragaya Kazuto (real name), titles Dual Swords and The Black Swordsman Universe Name: Sword Art Online Status in regards to the plot: Main character Tier in the series: SAO: top tier, strongest (legitimate) player; ALO: top tier considered one of the best players (only when hes serious though) all in all considered one of the. Your name of Kirito gives you self-assurance, independence, and confidence.; You have depth of mind and the ability to concentrate and to follow a line of thought to a logical conclusion. Your love of challenging the concepts of others invariably leads you to create your own ideas and to pioneer new lines of thought Kirito (キリト, Kirito) is the main character of the Sword Art Online light novel, as well as the manga and anime. His name, Kirito, was taken from his real name Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷和人, Kirigaya Kazuto?). Kiri-- from Kirigaya and ----to from Kazuto. He was chosen as one of the 1,000 beta testers for the Closed Beta of «Sword Art Online», the first ever VRMMORPG for the. Kirito's parents died, which means Kirito does not know his actual birth name. While his first name is Kazuto, his last name is not Kirigaya - it is actually Narusaku. This fact comes from the newest arc of Sword Art Online, Unital Ring. Even his parents' names were recently revealed in the arc, which was a shock to fans Subtilizer, or his real name, Gabriel Miller is the primary antagonist in the War of the Underworld arc of Sword Art Online. He is the chief tactical officer of Glowgen Defense Systems and the child of the former president and founder of the company. He was hired by the US to retrieve Alice Zuberg's fluctlight, so he directly commanded the assault on the Ocean Turtle and used the Soul.

His full real name is Kirigaya Kazuto. His name before being adopted by Sugu's mother was Narusaka Kazuto. His friends from within the game Sword Art Online usually just refer to him as Kirito. What do I like calling him? Jesus-kun due to his abil.. Shino Asada is a skilled VRMMO player. She goes by the name Sinon in «Gun Gale Online» and «ALfheim Online». She is nicknamed Hecate, after her gun «PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II», a.50 caliber anti-materiel and rare sniper rifle. She is one of the main characters of volumes five and six of the light novel and first female player that Kirito meets in GGO. She plays GGO to overcome her.

Kirito is the main protagonist of the Sword Art Online series. His name in game was taken from his real life name, Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷 和人), the first and last kanji of his name. When the very first VRMMORPG called Sword Art Online was released, Kirito was chosen as one of the 1.000 beta testers. The technology for the game is NerveGear Asuna Reveals She is Kirito's Girlfriend and Alice Gets Jealous | SAO War of Underworld Episode 1 Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Kirito - ꧁☠︎kirito☠︎꧂ , ꧁༒ズノ尺ノイԾ༒꧂, ᴋɪʀɪᴛᴏ, ˢᴬᴼ•| ズノ尺ノイԾ, ♥「KiℝiτØ」♥, ꧁༒☬ᏦᏆᎡᏆᎢᎾ☬༒꧂. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list Kirito (キリト, Kirito) es el protagonista de la serie anime Sword Art Online. Fue elegido como uno de los 1000 jugadores que participaron en la beta test, para la Beta cerrada de Sword Art Online, es el primer VRMMORPG para el NerveGear. Su verdadero nombre es Kirigaya Kazuto (ヶ谷和人, Kirigaya Kazuto). Durante el comienzo del juego y durante la fase de pruebas beta, Kirito tenía la. This inner monologue took place when Kirito asked Shinon to explain the format of the final round of BoB, which took place between 30 players on a huge map (anime episode 8, SAO II). I think this should be enough to show that Kirito and Asuna are dating in real life after the events in Aincrad and ALO

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  1. Karma (04.04.2017 um 16:25 Uhr):. Ich mag den namen kirito im Anime SAO heißt die Hauptrolle auch so! :) Den Anime kann ich nur empfehlen! Aber wenn ich ehrlich bin würde ich mein Kind eher Nagisa nennen (Küste,Strand) ist die Bedeutung (Der Name Nagisa ist von der Hauptrolle in Assassination classroom) <-- Der Anime ists auch nur zu empfehlen
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  3. Kirito (キリトKirito) is the protagonist of the Sword Art Online light novel series. He was chosen as one of the 1000 beta testers for the Closed Beta of «Sword Art Online», the first ever VRMMORPG for the Nerve Gear. His real name is Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷和人Kirigaya Kazuto). During the beginning of the game and during the beta-testing phase, Kirito's avatar had the appearance of.
  4. Online Name: Lisbeth Age: 18 Description: Lisbeth is an SAO survivor. She is a talented blacksmith who help Kirito and Asuna forge strong weapons. In real life she is friends with the others. She is known for forging Kirito's powerful Dark Repulser
  5. g a well known player of the community, giving him that nickname because of his appearance and skill with the sword. Sword Art Online: Started at 202
  6. Real name::Kirigaya Kazuto Display name::Kirito Age::17 Level::45 Weapon(s)::Dark repulser & Elucidator(Dual weild) Gender::Female Race::Human Games:: Sword Art.
  7. Under the name of Kirito, he is sent into a game known as Sword Art Online and must clear 100 floors of dungeons to beat the game. He is classified as a Beater type player and is the only person.

Kirito (キリト, Kirito?) aka the Black Swordsman is the main protagonist of the Sword Art Online light novel, anime and manga series. His name, Kirito, was taken from his real name Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷 和人, Kirigaya Kazuto?). Kiri-- from Kirigaya and ----to from Kazuto Kirito Synthesis One Hundred (Alicization) - Sword Art Online - By Wolf40013. Wolf40013. 1. 0. V3 Eugeo Synthesis Thirty Two (Alicization) - Sword Art Online - By Wolf40013. Wolf40013. 5. 0. V3 Alice Synthesis Thirty (Alicization) - Sword Art Online - By Wolf40013. Wolf40013. 5. 0 Kirito (キリト, Kirito) is the main protagonist of the Sword Art Online light novel, anime, manga and game series. His name, Kirito, was taken from his real name Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷 和人, Kirigaya Kazuto). Kiri-- from Kiri gaya and ----to from Kazu to. He was chosen as one of the 1,000 beta testers for the closed beta of « Sword Art Online », the first ever VRMMORPG for the.

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Kirito Sao stars as a fictional character in popular anime series Sword Art Online by Reki Kawahara. Kirito's real name is Kazuto Kirigaya. Although his black get-up and dual samurai sword could be considered trendy, this anime character sucks despite popularity in the anime and manga world. Here's why: No Personality. Kirito Sao has zero. As Kirito's real world body is recovering from a near fatal attack in Sword Art Online: Alicization, his soul has been living in a new virtual world without any memory of how he got there. Now. In Episode 19 - The Lugru Corridor, Kirito and Leafa are blocked from entering Lugru by Salamanders and are forced to fight with them.In the middle of the fight, Yui tells Leafa to use all her magic to heal Kirito from the damage of the incoming barrage of Fire Spells, while Kirito is chanting an Ilusion Spell that Leafa taught him when they entered the corridor Both Asuna and Kirito then looked at floating castle than sat down at the edge of the platform. Hey Kirito Asuna started I didn't have your real name while in here she asked. Kirito then looked at her and smiled My name is Kazuto, Kazuto Kirigaya He said And I am 16 years old

Kirito wielded this awesome beast of a sword throughout the 1st season of the anime and manga series. This version is green and has turquoise to match the Elucidator sword, also carried by Kirito. It is a perfect carbon steel cosplay replica with unsharpened edge and comes with a wooden scabbard Through the many arcs of Sword Art, Kirito has come to certain conclusions about the barriers between the real world and the virtual one and shares those views pretty often.While there is something to say about how real a game world can become to people, Kirito likes to drill into the point that the experiences in VR can be as real as real-life Man the name black swordsman isn't a very unique name and it isn't exclusive to Berserk. Kirito is the best swordsman in Aincrad and he wears only black. That's why he's the black swordsman. Doesn't seem a very unique name that is only suitable to Berserk and doesn't make sense in SAO's concept. God I hate these Berserk fanboys sao kirito real name,document about sao kirito real name,download an entire sao kirito real name document onto your computer Kirito is the main protagonist of the Sword Art Online light novel, anime and Manga series.His name, Kirito, was taken from his real name Kazuto Kirigaya (Born Kazuto Narusaka) Kiri-- from Kirigaya and ----to from Kazuto.He was chosen as one of the 1,000 beta testers for the Closed Beta of «Sword Art Online», the first ever VRMMORPG for the NerveGear

Mar 12, 2015 - Kirito Wallpaper, Kirito Pictures, Kirito Images, Kirito Sword Art Online Kirito Real name: Kazuto Kirigaya The protagonist of the serie.. Known as Kirigaya Kazuto within the real world and Kirito in the virtual world, he serves as the protagonist of Sword Art Online and the many spinoff series that spawn from it. Kirito was chosen to be one of the one thousand beta testers for the closed beta of Sword Art Online, of which was a huge MMO with virtual world capabilities. He would became one of the 10,000 players trapped inside. Whether here or in the real world, you can cry when it hurts. There's no rule that you can't show feelings just because it's a game. You can go anywhere you want in this world with a single blade. This may be a virtual world, but I feel more alive here than in the real world. - Kirito The necklace holds two rings, one named 'Night Sky Sword based on Kirito's weapon of the same name, and the Blue Rose Sword, which Eugeo wields. All Aboard the Real Life Demon Slayer: Mugen. Lifting his head, Kirito sees that Asuna has actually stayed behind as well. The episode ends on a cliffhanger that sees everyone else make it back to the real world, but Kirito and Asuna will be.

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Kirito (real name Kirigaya Kazuto ) is a 1337 HaX0r Cheater Gary-stu one of the most powerful players in Sword Art Online (the game itself). He had lots of girls hanging around with him (including Klein for a reason). I mean, seriously The day my name was picked to be the first to try the Nerve Gear, I never thought that I would be picked among the millions apon millions of people, I had my name picked to be the first to play SAO. But let me tell you I was a beta tester and my game name is (Y/GN) but my actual real name is (YRR/N) (L/N) Real Name: Kirigaya Suguha. About: Leafawas Kirito's partner in ALO. She helped Kirito understand the game and lead him closer to Asuna. Kirito's charm and innate goodness made it easy for Leafa to fall in love with him. However, she eventually gave up on the feeling and was badly hurt in the process after knowing Kirito's true identity

2014/08/29 - Kirito (キリト, Kirito?) aka the Black Swordsman is the main protagonist of the Sword Art Online light novel, anime and manga series. His name, Kirito, was taken from his real name Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷 和人, Kirigaya Kazuto?). Kiri-- from Kirigaya and ----to from Kazuto. He was chosen as one of the 1,000 beta testers for the closed beta of «Sword Art Online», the. ——Was the name Kirigaya Kazuto created based on the name Kirito? Kawahara: That's right. Kirito should have come first, followed by his real name later on. I figured he wouldn't pick an overly elaborate player name. ——But he does seem to have an unusual obsession with 『black』. Is there a reason for his motif colour being『black』 Jun 21, 2018 - His real name is Kazuto Kirigaya, he goes by Kirito when his in game, and he will do anything and everything to protect his friends and family. See more ideas about Kirito, Sword art online kirito, Sword art |Kirito Knight| 君の名は Steam Profile. Steam Profile for |Kirito Knight| 君の名は. Free and easy to use forum or Twitch signature that shows Steam status. Grab one at SteamProfile.com. A quick word from our mothership: Steam Profile is powered by the team behind PCGamesN

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Now that Kirito thought about it more ever since the death gun incident Shino had took it upon herself to call Kazuto his real name and not his online persona either in the real world or ALO. He was brought out of thinking when Suguha shouted him saying that his tea was ready. Hey so I've edited some bits to make sound better Stats: Edit Series: Sword Art Online Gender: Male Age: 14 (Beginning of SAO); 16 (End of SAO; ALO); 17 (GGO; PA) Alias(es): Kazuto Kirigaya (Name); Kirito (Username); The Black Swordsman; The Twin Blade Swordsman Species: Human (Real World; SAO; GGO; PA); Spriggan Elf (ALO) Occupation(s): Beater; Detective; Student; Part-Time Tester for Rath Affiliation(s): Moonlit Black Cats (Former - SAO. This is kirito (forgot his real char name)from the anime SAO or Sword Art Online. Enjoy and plz dont steal. Show More. Show Less. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Kirito DragonKnightX2X. 1 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Oct 06, 2013 . About 6 years ago . 4

Kirito. 4 mil Me gusta. His name, Kirito, was taken from his real name Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷和人)Kiri-- from Kirigaya and ----to from Kazuto.Sword Art Online has three levels Kirito / Kazuto Kirigaya Voice. Incarnations On BTVA: 14 Versions from 14 Titles. ALL; SHOWS (4) MOVIES (1) GAMES (8) SHORTS (1) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals. Filters: ALL VERSIONS. Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris (2020 Video Game). Kirito refuses to acknowledge Klein's real name (with the exception of when he has an emotional moment) and instead chooses to call him Balls or Ballsy, something other players have continued. Cheesemanjoe (Episode 2) and Octopimp (Episode 5-present) as Tiffany; An African American living in Japan and a player in Sword Art Online Kirito is the name of Angelo's vocalist, a Japanese trio rock band. Formerly, Kirito was the vocalist of Pierrot. Pierrot disbanded in 2005. After that Kirito form Angelo along with other two ex-Pierrot member, Kohta (bass) and Takeo (drums). Below is Kirito's short personal data

I hate how Kirito calls his sister 'Leafa' instead of her

Klein is portrayed throughout the series as a friendly and nice person, who cares for others, Klein is also occasionally very emotional, especially when someone calls him by his real name. People calling him BallsDeep69, instead of Klein, is also very frustrating to him. He cares for Kirito, wanting him to grow into a good person. Equipmen Kirigaya Kirito Kazuto is the main protagonist of the anime series, Sword Art Online. He battled Guts in an episode of One Minute Melee. Born October 7th, 2008 as Kirigaya Kazuto, Kirito's parents were killed in a car accident while he was still very young, leaving him adopted by his aunt and uncle. He found a love in computers and ended up becoming a humongous gamer because of it. Years. A top-of-the-line top-down A.I. who calls Kirito and Asuna Daddy and Mommy, respectively. Discovering that a U.S. Special Ops team has infiltrated Rath and is about to unleash the horde of U.S. players that they've gathered against the Human Empire force, she quickly calls for help from Kirito and Asuna's friends Kirigaya Kazuto/Kirito. 221 likes. Hello, my name is Kirito. And I am known as the Black Swordsman. (Roleplaying page

View the profiles of people named Kirito Ral. Join Facebook to connect with Kirito Ral and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share.. name Kirito real name guy location Merseyside, United Kingdom (Great Britain) Add to Friends Get Steam Profile Badge Steam Calculator Pile of Shame. Share Tweet. Kirito Steam Friends list. Basic; Advanced; Enter a SteamID, SteamID3, SteamID64, custom URL or complete URL . Get SteamId

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